Movement Research Sessions

May 20, 27 and June 3, 10
19.30 – 21.30
Outdoors @ Werkplaats Overvloed

In the Movement Research Sessions we create a space to connect to our bodies and the world around us using different movement techniques and explorations. We will travel through our bodies to gain more understanding of it’s possibilities and explore movement in a playful way. Using practical tools to guide you towards more body awareness and connection. Each workshop will have a different theme and focus.
No previous experience required.

May 20 – Exploring Body Connections
We tend to think of the body as a collection of parts, and attend to the parts in isolation. Categorizing the body through parts and systems is a theoretical construct that helps us to organize and analyze, but in reality the body is one organic entity in which the parts are seamlessly interwoven. We will explore how different parts of the body are related to each other. How do they interact? How does movement in one part of the body affect the other parts? Using all of these connections to create full body movement where the whole body is involved.’

May 27 – Sensing Directions in Space

Becoming aware of your space is a first step in clarifying movement. It helps us to fulfill our movement goals, both physically and emotionally. In this session we will explore the relationship between our bodies and the space around us. Playing with the ability to move our bodies conscious through space, how we can give clear directions to our movements and how it reflects in our way of sensing our bodies. Being able to give conscious directions to our movements to manifest that what lives inside us into the world around us.

June 3 – Finding your Intuitive Movements (By Patrick Karijowidjojo)

We all have a dance that starts from within. Movements that are being initiated from the inner world rather than from the outside world. Using imagination and playing to look at old movement patterns in the body that wil be playfully transformed into something authentic. Making this the first step to identify your own creation, that only exists in you and in your body. In this session Patrick Karijowidjojo will guide us through different movement explorations to help you get in touch with that innerworld, using music, imagination and movement exercises to find your intuitive movements whilst unlocking the playfulness of the mind.

June 10 – Playing with Spiral Qualities

Bringing spiral qualities in our movements allows us to scan the full view of our environment. It is the cornerstone of our ability to move three dimensionally in order to fully inhabit our three dimensional world. A spiral can change everything, or bring us around again. It allows us to change perspective and provides possibilities.  Find ways to incorporate more spirals in your life. Understanding, appreciating and experiencing the body’s full capacity for spiraling is vital for a continuing good quality of life as we age. It helps us to adapt, provides alternatives and helps us to see a bigger picture.

Location: Werkplaats Overvloed, Nijverheidsweg 16C, Utrecht
Tijd: 19:30 – 21:30 uur
Contribution – ‘pay what you can’
All 4 workshops: 100,- / 120,- / 140,- / 160,-
1 workshop: 30,- / 35,- / 40,- / 45,- 

For registration or questions, please send us an email:

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